man Alf Andersson‏‎, son of Knut Andersson and Agnes Sofia‏.
Born ‎1 Aug 1916 Älvsborg (P), Sverige, died ‎26 May 1981 Älvsborg (P), Sverige‎, 64 years

Married ‎21 Nov 1964 (16 years married) to:

woman Anna Ingrid Augusta Moberg‏‎, daughter of Karl Harald Moberg and Runa Kristina Stedt‏.
Born ‎6 Aug 1918 Brattforshyttan, Brattfors, Värmland (S), Sverige, died ‎26 Dec 2005 Älvsborg (P), Sverige‎, 87 years, 1st marriage to: Gösta Alfons Olausson, ‎2nd marriage to: Alf Andersson