woman Stina Greta Amundsdotter‏‎, daughter of Amund Axelsson and Catharina Pettersdotter‏.
Born ‎21 Oct 1781 Mjöhult, Fryele, Jönköping (F), Sverige, died ‎Dec 1820‎, 39 years

Married ‎1804 (15 or 16 years married) to:

man Nils Eriksson‏‎
Born ‎24 Apr 1756 Hagshult, Jönköping (F), Sverige, died ‎11 Dec 1835 Gräshult Norrgården, Hagshult, Jönköping (F), Sverige‎, 79 years, 1st married/ related to: Märta Andersdotter, ‎2nd marriage to: Stina Greta Amundsdotter


woman Stina Kajsa Nilsdotter‏
Born ‎29 Mar 1807 Hagshult, Jönköping (F), Sverige, died ‎7 Oct 1875 Svenska Maden no 23, Jönköpings Kristina, Jönköping (F), Sverige‎, 68 years
man Eric Gustaf Nilsson‏‎
Born ‎17 Jun 1811 Hagshult, Jönköping (F), Sverige‎